A multi-disciplinary artist with a passion for creation.
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About Me

Heya! My name's Rachta, and I have been in love with art since I was young. That love made me pursue my aspiration as an artist! I have been working in the creative industry for many years. My experience ranges from graphic design, user interface design, digital marketing, multimedia, advertising to illustration and drawing.

With my passion in art growing from a childhood fascination with manga, game and animation, drawing will always has a special place in my heart and it's something that I truly enjoy. I've recently quit my job to pursue my dream in doing what I love: drawing!  I want to bring fun into your life, everyday, and share my love of geek culture. So if my creations bring you happiness, that would be my greatest joy! Your support goes a long way and it would keep me motivated to do more. I would love you to join and take part in my creative journey!

Corporate Design

Need design or creative direction to enhance your brand image or awareness? Ranging from graphic design, to web design & app, corporate identity, event & exhibition designs and many more, I can be of help!

Drawing & Illustration

Sharing my love of drawing with you! View the gallery of artworks and illustration I've done. Any interesting projects? I'm excited to hear more about!

Events & Media Appearances

I love attending events & exhibitions! Check out my schedule, activities, latest plans, and where I've been to in the past! If you are looking for someone to enhance the live experience of your event, I'm opened to discussion!

People I have worked with

Below are some of the amazing people I've the privilege to work for in the past! I'm thankful for the opportunity!


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