I love attending events & exhibitions! Check out my schedule, activities, latest plans, and where I’ve been to in the past! If you are looking for someone to enhance the live experience of your event, I’m opened to discussion!


All my upcoming events, consolidated in one place on my Facebook Events page!

What I can help you with

Creative Experience Building

Enhance the experience of your events! Spread the love and fun of art!

Live Drawing

See the art comes to life as it’s being created! I can offer a live drawing performance at your events!

Fan Meet & Greet

The union of like-minded people! I’d love to bring the sense of community to your events!

Guest Appearances

I would be delighted to help and join your event as a part of the event plans, programmes, and schedule!

LIVE Lesson & Workshop

Offering my creative expertise as lessons or workshops for people to have fun and participate in!

Contest Judging

Holding a contest or a competition? I can be a part of your judge panel!

Art Merchandising

Offering unique souvenirs and the gifts of art for everyone to take home!

Partnership & Collaboration

Interested in working together in a partnership or a collaboration for your events? Let me know!

People I have worked with

Enhance the Experience!


Catch up with my upcoming events on the following social media, along with other fun stuff I did! 😉

Catch up with me on latest artworks, my next projects & events and interesting stuff that happened in my life!
IG: rachtalin
Catch up with me on latest artworks, my next projects & events and interesting stuff that happened in my life!
Catch up with me on latest artworks, my next projects & events and interesting stuff that happened in my life!
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Can’t attend the event? Come join the session and hang out with me and everyone in real time, from anywhere in the world.


I usually stream my drawing session live on several days a week, usually starting from 8-9PM UTC+8 onwards. Come join the session for fun, art tips, and laughter!


I’m also a host at Mondate.TV, an INTERACTIVE LIVE STREAM, held every Monday 8pm (GMT+8), that lets you hangout with your favorite public figures from the Video Games, Anime, Manga, Comics and Cosplay scene. Take part in the fun, make us draw silly stuff and stand a chance to win amazing prizes!

Shikishi Commissioned Art & Comic Blank Commission

Japanese gold­trimmed shikishi (しきし) board commissions are available at events & conventions only. Do drop by and meet me at upcoming events to get them! 😉

You can also bring a comic with blank cover for a cover commission as well 😀

Samples of commissions I’ve done in the past :
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

Looking to work together?

Got any upcoming event or convention? Looking for collaboration? Any enquiry? I’m keen to learn more!

Take the art home!

You can also save on shipping and arrange a pick-up of your commission at my next event!

Corporate Design

Need design or creative direction to enhance your brand image or awareness? Ranging from graphic design, to web design & app, corporate identity, event & exhibition designs and many more, I can be of help!

Looking for more?

Still not what you're looking for? Or simply love to know more? Check out my other portfolio categories for details on other kinds of projects I've worked on!

Drawing & Illustration

Sharing my love of drawing with you! View the gallery of artworks and illustration I've done. Any interesting projects? I'm excited to hear more about!